5 reasons why you should visit Bahia

Barra Beach
  1. You will probably arrive at the International Airport of Salvador. I would just go to the city of Salvador because of the bamboo road to the city 🙂 …reason number 1:
    Salvador Road to the airport
  2. You will discover a unique & tasty cuisine that is influenced by European, African & South American kitchen. A very typical snack with African origin that is very common in Salvador da Bahia is Acarajé, sold by ‘Baianas de Acarajé’. It is a street food & also sold at the beach:Acarajé by Roberto Ferraz
  3. It is warm & sunny almost everyday of the year. It can rain but just few hours later the weather will look like this again:Barra Beach
  4. You have three wishes for each Fita do Bonfim. You will find the ribbons everywhere in the city of Salvador. (I am spreading them in Berlin!!!)Fita do Bonfim
  5. You will easily get in touch with locals if you speak a little Portuguese because not so many speak English when you are leaving the touristic areas. People are very friendly & helpful. This photo was taken after we just met these two women and had a little chat with them about the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé.Locals

– more are coming 🙂

Feel free to comment more reasons <3

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