My name is Carina, I am German, writing this blog in English & learning Portuguese because I LOVE BRAZIL, Bahia & Salvador da Bahia. Since my first trip to Bahia in 2013 I feel deeply connected to the state & its people, the Baianos. On this blog I want to share travel tips for the city of Salvador, the national park Chapada Diamantina & the rest of Bahia that I will be travelling to in the future. My goal is to make readers of my blog want to visit Bahia & give great insider tips to make your travel to Bahia amazingly beautiful. I am able to write this blog because my family & friends from Bahia sharing their love about Bahia with me & explaining me everything I want to know from recipes to traditions.

Roberto, who is my boyfriend since we met in Salvador in 2013, helped me to fall in love with his hometown Salvador. He showed me the most beautiful places, sunsets & restaurants. One of his & soon to be my favourite place as well, is the Museum of Modern Art, located at the coast with view to a port and the ocean. Roberto has also introduced me to the tasty Brazilian cuisine. Restaurant recommendations and Brazilian recipes prepared by us can be found under Eat & Drink.

Cássio has introduced me to the amazing nature of Chapada Diamantina. He guided our group & shared with us what he knew about Chapada Diamantina. Cássio knew the streets of Valo de Capão & would not leave us thirsty in the dusty streets of Chapada. He brought a backpack filled with water where we could drink straight from the tank with a straw… brilliantly equipped. He also shared his clothes with us girls as we didn’t know it could get cold in the night. Cássio is also an expert for Brazilian Music, food & culture.

My good friend Dai is the most passionate person I know when it comes to Afro-Brazilian dances, music & art. Meeting her on my first day in Salvador was my biggest luck. She told me, how much she loved the culture and how she dreamed about it & worked for it to visit Salvador. She wanted to meet the people, explore the city, but most of all she wanted to dance & make music. She transmitted her passion for Salvador on to me. Even if I haven’t been into making music before, Dai – with her joy for music got me enthusiastic about it, too. We participated in music making sessions & in an Afro dance class. More about that fun story soon on the blog.

A special thanks goes out to Mabel, Renata, Rafaela & Carolina who supported me with the idea of the blog & most importantly have shown me how it’s like to be a Baiana. Baianas are great friends, sisters, daughters & mothers. They celebrate to be a woman, love & enjoy life to the fullest.

In Portuguese: Agradeço especialmente Mabel, Renata, Rafaela e Carolina que apoiaram a idéia do blog e acima de tudo me mostraram como é ser uma Baiana. Baianas são ótimas amigas, irmãs, filhas e mães. Elas celebram o fato de serem mulheres, amam e vivem a vida ao máximo.