Ivete Sangalo is one of the most famous singers & songwriters from Bahia. Before her solo career she released six albums with Banda Eva. Here she performed with Seu Jorge at Madison Square Garden in New York, one of my favorite performances:

Ivete singing Obrigado Axé at the carnival in Salvador, the world’s biggest Carnival. It is much more participatory than the carnival in Rio. Also different to Rio where they play more samba is that in Salvador’s carnival they play more African-based Axé.

She is the Brazilian Beyoncé  <3

Performing with Olodum in a stunning dress:

Percussion street concert

Many percussion schools play in Pelourinho’s streets & squares all year round. People gather around them, dance & enjoy the music.

A very famous group from Salvador’s Carnival, in Portuguese called ‘bloco’ is Olodum. Michael Jackson performed his song ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ with the group from Salvador.

Olodum LogoOlodum speaks up for Afro-Brazilians & minorities by defending human rights, doing social projects like the Olodum school in Salvador. This school holds high the African heritage in Brazil.